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Venue: Long Beach Arena City: Long Beach, CA
Date: 1979-12-31 Booji Boy's Basement Release Number: A055

Fan Recaps and Comments (and bootleg reviews): Edit


Despite being the most interesting, unique setlist DEVO has ever played... the bootleg of this show is sadly lacking. You can tell what's going on, and it can be interesting, but the sound quality is... well, it's something I'd expect from a 1960s audience recording, not 1979. My guess is that it's seen way too many tape generations and the master is either in someone's sock drawer or extinct. It sounds like it was run through a telephone, and then artificially had the bass cranked up. Muddy, flat, and unenjoyable. It's certainly worth it for historical value, though. Some things will catch you off guard; the synth solo in "Whip It", the very unusual Booji-sung "U Got Me Bugged" (featuring a quick bit of "Auld Lang Syne"), and the only complete DOVE recording out there (making this the only version of "Jesus" available).

It appears the show began late at night (judging by General Boy's speech) and continued into the next decade (which is very likely; it may even be possible that Booji Boy's "happy new year" during U Got Me Bugged was actually timed to coincide with midnight. The show started at 9pm, with DOVE opening the show. Next on the bill was local favorites, X. DEVO headlined the show and played through until well after midnight.

Evidently, DEVO still has the soundboard recording of this in in excellent condition in their archives. In fact, we've even heard part of it; namely the version of "Gotta Serve Somebody" on Recombo DNA.