Instrumental Name: DEVO Corporate Anthem   [ AKA Corporate Anthem]

Artist: DEVO

Appears On:

Year: 1977

Year Released: 1979 (album version)

Years Performed/Video Projected: [1] 1977-1982, 2006-2008, 2010-2013*

Run Time: 1:14 (album version)

Writing Credits: Mark Mothersbaugh

Sung By:

  • Album version is an instrumental.
  • The alternate song version was presumably sung by Mark.

Alternate Versions: Song version, with lyrics. [2]

Demo Versions: DEVO Corporate Anthem (demo) YouTube.

Song Connections:

  • Chango (The lyrics in the alternate song version of the corporate anthem.)
  • Lolla Theme (video clip)

Trivia / Info:Edit

  • Inspired by the film Rollerball (1975)
  • Performed live before the video/tour film was made
  • *Since the 1979 video was made, the DCA was often played at a set/costume change in concerts via tape or projection
  • Footage from this, and other videos was assembled into the pre-concert film for the Lolla Theme
  • This modern feudal music is related to G.V.C.'s repeated statement that we live in a "corporate feudal state"
  • In The Men Who Make the Music, DEVO work for the monopoly corporation Big Entertainment
  • The company DEVO, Inc. was founded in 1978

Onstage Behavior: The audience watches the corporate anthem video.


  • The album version is an instrumental.
  • Mark said the alternate song version has lyrics including "I come down the river to kill many people!" (See "References" below).


Appears on The Men Who Make the Music, The Complete Truth About De-Evolution
  • The video shows DEVO standing in the wind and saluting (presumably as a corporate flag is raised). It was often projected at DEVO performances.
  • The black sunglasses with the distinctive nose bridge featured in this video would be worn again by Alan (paired with the Yellow Suit) at the end of the Freedom of Choice video.


  1. DEVO Live Guide. Website keyword search for "devo corporate anthem".
  2. (2014-2-11). Mark Mothersbaugh Looks Back at 9 Classic Devo Videos (3 of 10). "Devo Corporate Anthem". "When I first wrote it, I sent it to Uganda for [President] Idi Amin to be his new theme song," Mothersbaugh recalls. "It had lyrics like, 'I come down the river to kill many people!' I sent it to him and, of course, I never got any answer back. So we decided that it could be our corporate anthem."

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