Donuts are a reoccurring theme and image in DEVO's music and iconography. Though not as common as the potato, references to donuts occur with some regularity.

The most famous donut images are in the music videos for "Freedom of Choice," and "That's Good." In the former, chocolate donuts roll in stop motion into a formation which DEVO members climb out of. Donuts are eaten by characters in the video as well. "That's Good" features an iconic animation of a crinkle-cut french fry penetrating a glazed donut, followed by film of a smiling woman. Later in the film, this image repeats, but the french fry breaks, and the woman frowns.
Jelly donuts are popular in Spudland, as depicted in the game Adventures of the Smart Patrol. Exclusive to Mr. Ploppy's Donuts, they are served "at precisely 25 degrees over room temperature." [1] Any attempt to steal donuts risks the wrath of Plo Pi Kim himself.
Donuts are primarily used for sexual connotations. The character of Donut Rooter, daughter of Rod Rooter is emblematic of this, and is routinely shown to be sexually active, and somewhat careless (in We're All DEVO!, she asks Rod to fund another abortion).

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  1. Internet Archive. (see "site guide"). "Adventures of the Smart Patrol". "Jelly Donut" page on promotional website. "THE JELLY DONUT is one of the most popular items on the menu at Mr. Ploppy's Donuts. Served with pride at precisely 25 degrees over room temperature. Flaky on the outside, gooey on the inside, this is one dandy donut."

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