Official Energy Dome Models Description
1980 Performance Domes Thin, white plastic, painted red. Used by band in concert until early 1990s.
1980 Club DEVO Dome Slightly smaller than performance domes, solid red plastic, raised DEVO lettering, small lip around edge
1984 White "Prototype" Dome Used in 1984 Diet Coke ad
1996 Domes Thin, white plastic, painted red. Based on Club DEVO model dome, slightly smaller than original domes w/out raised lettering.
2000 "Go Monkey Go" Dome White with purple bottom tier, appears in "Go Monkey Go" music video
2002 Chrome Domes Standard 1996 Energy Dome with chrome tape covering
2002 Charcoal Gray Domes Charcoal gray domes (by Chaser?) used on VH1 "True Spin" show*
2003 Chaser Domes Red plastic. Sized like 1996 Domes.
2004 Blue Chaser(?) Domes Blue plastic domes used for 2004 "Nike Run Hit Wonder" tour shows.
2004 NECA Domes Thin plastic - very flimsy. Color is very pale, almost orange. Considered to be the worst domes made.
2005 Disguise Domes Based on original Club DEVO dome mold, but somewhat thicker, sturdier plastic.
2008 FDOS Design Domes Thick, solid red plastic. Design reverts to 1980 performance dome size.
2008/9 FDOS Design Stage Domes Very thick, solid red plastic, with larger bottom tier. Domes are made with a black insert to make them appear less translucent under stage lighting.
Unofficial Energy Dome Models Description
Club DEVO Prototype Dome Solid red plastic, taller than official Club DEVO model, raised DEVO lettering,
Club DEVO Clear Prototype Clear plastic version of official 1980 Club DEVO dome
Black Chaser Dome Energy dome made in black, textured plastic
 2003 Chrome Dome Chaser domes chromed by Nick Ciasullo, only 25 made.
 2007 Multicolor Chrome Domes Custom colored chromed NECA domes made by Nick Ciasullo
2007 FDOS Dome prototypes 1mm thick clear, and black prototypes, 2mm thick red prototype
2008 API Prototypes Black prototype domes by Advanced Plastiform Inc. for mass production

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