Song Name: "Fraulein"

Artist: Take a wild guess. (Cover.)

Appears On: Hardcore Devo: Volume 2

On Unofficial Releases:
  • Ultracore
  • Booji Boy's Basement discs A001, A027, A047, A111, D004

Run Time: 3:10

Year Written: 1974

Year Recorded: 1975, 1977

Year Released: 1991

Years Performed: 1974, 1977, 1988, 2014

Writing Credits:  Mark Mothersbaugh [- Lyrics / Raymond Scott - Music, Uncredited]

Sung By: Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh


  • On All: Bob Mothersbaugh (guitar), Mark Mothersbaugh (synthesizer), Gerald Casale (bass)
  • 1974 live, 1975 recording: Jim Mothersbaugh (percussion)
    • Gerald did not play bass in the 1974 performance.
  • 1977: Bob Casale (rhythm guitar), Alan Myers (percussion)
  • 1988: David Kendrick (percussion)
  • 2014: Josh Freese (percussion)
    • Bob Casale (Bob2) did not play guitar in the 2014 performances. (Deceased Feb. 17, 2014.)

Alternate Versions: Two.

  • The 1977 recording is an alternate take that was recorded following the arrival of Alan Myers.
  • The 1974 live recording is a very loose and highly mutated version of the song, with absolutely no resemblance to the recording found on Hardcore Devo.

Demo Versions: Exactly.

Song Connections: Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" ("Fraulein" is a barely modified cover version of the instrumental, with lyrics added.)

Trivia / Info:

  • Over a period of 40 years, Devo drummers Jim, Alan, Dave and Josh have each performed this song.

Onstage Behavior:



Official live video: Fraulein is the 5th track performed on the home video release Devo: Hardcore Live!

Recording (audio):

Live (audio):

Live (2014 video): Shot by Michael Pilmer.

External Links:

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