Song Name: "I Been Refused"

Artist: DEVO; Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers

Appears On:

On Unofficial Releases:
  • Booji Boy's Basement
    • A099
    • A111
    • D004
    • DVD24

Run Time: 3:35

Year Written: 1971

Year Recorded: 1972, 1974, 2006

Year Released: 1991, 2006

Years Performed: 1974, 1975, 1988, 2001, 2014

Writing Credits: Gerald V. Casale

Sung By: Gerald Casale (lead), Mark Mothersbaugh (backing)


  • 1972: Peter Gregg (lead guitar), Bob Lewis (slide guitar), GVC (bass)
  • 1974 live: GVC (bass), Mark (synthesizer), Bob Lewis (lead guitar), Bob Casale ( rhythm guitar), Jim Mothersbaugh (percussion)
  • 1974 recording, 1975 live: GVC (bass), Mark (synthesizer), Bob Mothersbaugh (guitar), Jim(percussion)
  • 1988: GVC, Mark, Bob1, Bob2 (rhythm guitar), David Kendrick (percussion)
  • 2001: GVC, Mark, Bob1, Bob2, Gordon Peeke (percussion)
  • 2006 (Jihad Jerry): GVC, Mark, Bob1, Bob2 (electronics), Josh Freese (percussion)
  • 2014: GVC, Mark (synthesizer), Bob1, Josh Freese (percussion)

Alternate Versions: 2006: Gerald Casale re-recorded this song for his solo project, Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers.

Demo Versions: Never-released 1972 proto-Devo recording feat. GVC, Bob Lewis, and Peter Gregg.

Song Connections: "Beehive" (similar guitar and bass lines)

Trivia / Info:

Onstage Behavior:


Sitting after supper Watched the FBI I asked for a cigarette I got no reply Then you dropped your culottes Revealing rubber underpants Sweat was forming in my shoes But you ended our romance

I been refused I lost my shoes

Last Monday morning -20° Went to unemployment On my knees Left without my money Tried to make my trial Judge said you're the porno king Go to jail for a while

I been refused I lost my shoes

Bought a Kodak brownie Developed film at home Took some shots of sister Pants were full of foam Took a couple back views Took some up front Three tries wallet size I was lookin' at that cunt, but

I been refused I lost my shoes

Went topless bowling Tried to get some stuff It was a lesbo love scene Strictly treat 'em rough Everything created Under earth or sky Wants to be mated It must couple or must die, but

I been refused I lost my shoes

Sitting after supper Watched the FBI I asked for a cigarette I got no reply Dogs in the ocean Pigs in the sea Now come on baby And wakka-wakka-wakka with me

I been refused I lost my shoes


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