Infinite Zero was an archive reissue label started by Henry Rollins. Out-of-print albums by significant artists selected by Rollins were made available on CD. These high-quality CD reissues had bonus tracks, original artwork, and good audio.

Rick Rubins also selected some of the recordings and Infinite Zero is under his label American, which was a subsidiary of Warner.

Albums available on CD were not reissued by Infinite Zero. This includes several Devo albums. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and Freedom Of Choice, were available from WB. Total Devo and Smooth Noodle Maps were recently issued, available on CD, and when Enigma became Restless, they were reissued with bonus tracks.

References Edit

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Amazon -- Infinite Zero Discography (Henry Rollins label) B. Parker "bcsparker"

Spudboys on Infinite Zero by $T.&REUX,KSC, OGYR NETWORK

Links Edit

Infinite Zero (All samplers and reissue CDs) -- Discogs

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