Song Name: "Pigs Waddle" (AKA Pink Rattle]

Artist: DEVO

Appears On:

Unofficial release - Booji Boy's Basement disc A001

Run Time: 2:00

Year Written: 1973

Year Recorded:  1974

Year Released:  Never.

Years Performed: 1974 (April 23)

Writing Credits:  None given.

Sung By: Gerald Casale

Personnel Gerald Casale (bass), Bob Casale (rhythm guitar), Bob Lewis (lead guitar), Mark Mothersbaugh (synthesizer), Jim Mothersbaugh (percussion).

Demo Versions: None found.

Song Connections:  "Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth" (the shared lyrics "jerkin' back 'n' forth")

Trivia / Info: Edit

  • Called "Pigs Waddle" in the Daily Kent Stater article on 4/23/1974 which promoted that night's DEVO show in the Governance Chambers. [1]
  • The title is often interchanged with "Pink Rattle".
  • Available on the Booji Boy's Basement release "A001 - xxxx-xx-xx - Unreleased Live Songs (Disc 1), as Pink Rattle."

Onstage Behavior:

Lyrics: Edit

Pigs waddle
Birds fly
Humans love
Why can't I?
Eat the bird
Eat the pig
It's not funny when they won't let you do natural
I've been jerking back and forth

Tabulature: "Pink Rattle Tab by Devo @" Tabbed by Maxwell.

Video: Unofficial - (audio only).


  1. DEVO Live Guide. 1973 to 1977 "04/23/74 - Governance Chambers, Kent State University (Creative Arts Festival), Kent, OH" Notes.

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