Title: Roll Out the Barrel (Also known as "Rod Rooter's Big Reamer")


Year: 1979

Appears On: The Men Who Make The Music, The Complete Truth About Devolution (excerpt)

Characters: Daddy Know-It-All, Rod Rooter, Penny, DEVO, Booji Boy, "The Young Couple"

Locations: Big Entertainment, DEVO Incorporated, Club DEVO


Daddy Know-It-All, head of Big Entertainment, is pissed over DEVO's new leisure suit uniforms. "Nuke symbols and spring fashions make me sick!" He wants Rod Rooter to get them back into the Yellow Suits, and fast. Rod call the spudboys up for a meeting in fifteen minutes.
Before the meeting, Rod's secretary, Penny, pays off a young couple for unknown reasons. At the meeting, Rod shows the band a prototype of a "Devo Doll" which is heading into all discount stores. Rod also berates the band on their lack of radio airplay, but is shot down by the arrival of Booji Boy.
Later, at Club DEVO, Alan is teaching an older woman to play chess, when the rest of the Spudboys arrive. Turns out, Rod's got them with a new manager, and they have to wear the suits. Meanwhile, the young couple secretly records DEVO's conversation...


  • Contains a snippet of Midget, which is attributed to Parcheesi, and "shipped platinum," possibly a reference to the four 1978 KISS solo albums.
  • The photos of bands in Daddy Know-It All's office feature the heads of DEVO members pasted on the bodies of other groups.
  • The DEVO Doll prop will later reappear, held by a crowd member in the Girl U Want video.
  • In 2005, part of this film came true as NECA Collectibles released a DEVO action figure, clad in the yellow suit.