Song Name: The Rope Song

Artist: DEVO

Appears On: Hardcore Volume 2

Run Time: 3:21

Year Written:1972

Year Recorded: 1974

Year Released: 1991

Years Performed: 1974

Writing Credits: Gerald V. Casale/Bob Lewis

Sung By: Gerald V. Casale

Alternate Versions:

Demo Versions: N/A. Official release is a demo

Song Connections:

Trivia / Info:

One of Jerry's earliest co-compositions
Performed live 1974-04-23

Onstage Behavior: Unknown


I found a girl with a pretty face
I tied a rope around her waist
I know when she's in and when she goes out
Well there ain't nothing to guess about
She covers her ears when I play my guitar
She runs away but not very far
Just push a button - retractable cord
I pull her back when I get bored
One word from her and she'd be free
But she's exactly where she wants to be
Magnetic Madonna she glows in the night
Reciprocal pull, I flow to her light
Woman I am bound to you
But what do I want to do?
Woman what do I want?

Live Video: N/A

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