Song Name: Through Being Cool

Artist: DEVO

Appears On:

Run Time: 3:14 (Album/Single Version)

Year Written:

Year Recorded: 1981

Year Released: 1981

Years Performed: 1981-1982

Writing Credits: Bob Mothersbaugh/Gerald V. Casale/Mark Mothersbaugh

Sung By: Gerald V. Casale (Co-Lead)/Mark Mothersbaugh (Co-Lead)

Alternate Versions:

Demo Versions:

Song Connections: Through Being Cool (Intro Music)-(on BBB release D002)

Trivia / Info:Edit

  •  TBC includes a simulated, synthesized sound of a descending mortar or bomb.
  • Performed on the tour supporting the NT album, preceded in the setlist by "Going Under" and followed by "Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth".
  • The Virgin 7" single releases paired "Through Being Cool" with "Race Of Doom"
  • The WB 7" promo[1]and single[2] releases listed a 3:08 "Dance Velocity" version but were pressed with the album version. A fan-made "Dance Velocity" version is on Booji Boy's Basement release "S051 - Make Me Dance (Disc 3)."
  • During the "Taarna" segment of the animated film "Heavy Metal," an edit of the album version is used as background music, played by a four-piece bar band. (One member of that band looks similar to Booji Boy.)
  • Devo re-recorded TBC for its inclusion in Rock Band 3.

Onstage Behavior:

Arrayed on the spotlit stage from left to right are Alan, GVC, Mark, Bob 1, and Bob 2, wearing the Nu-Tra Pomp and uniform. Alan drums, GVC and Mark dance and sing into microphones, Bob 1 plays guitar, and Bob 2 plays an array of synths. Mark plays the synth solos.
GVC, Mark, and Bob1 perform near and on long treadmills leading into the stylized facade of a Greek temple. Stylized illustrations are rear-projected onto large screens hung between the temple pillars.

Lyrics: Through Being Cool -- LyricWikia


Appears on We're All DEVO, The Complete Truth About De-Evolution
Through Being Cool (legendado) YouTube

Live Video:

(Unofficial) Live in Denver '81 - Through Being Cool (from a Colorado[1] PBS TV production)YouTube


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