Song Name: Tunnel of Life

Artist: DEVO

Appears On: DEVO Live 1980

Run Time: less than 2 minutes (segue from Booji Boy's Funeral tour film)

Years Performed: 1980

Writing Credits: Mark Mothersbaugh

Sung By: Booji Boy

Alternate Versions: without lyrics, this music is called Booji Boy's Funeral

Demo Versions: None Known

Song Connections: Booji Boy's Funeral (same music)

Trivia / Info:

  • In the Freedom of Choice tour, the performance of this song is preceded by a tour film with General Boy and Booji Boy. The first part is set in a factory, where General Boy accidentally crushes Booji's head in a press, after warning him of the danger. The second half is in the hospital as a nurse unwraps Booji's bandages, revealing his head to be horribly disfigured.

Onstage Behavior:

  • After the Booji Boy's Funeral film clip is played, the music playback continues. Booji appears on stage in a collared raincoat with his mask as it appeared in the clip, turned inside out and smeared with Vaseline. Booji sings lyrics to the audio playback.


The river of time
conveyed my tunnel of life
yanked me from deep inside
the capsule where I slept
darkness that shrouded me
burst with a sickening light
when I was born
my hands were small
but they grew big
to pick the fruit
that made me think
forget the ways
so I could go
reverse the flow
back where I came from
to the tunnel of life
to the tunnel of life
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