Obscure tracks

Mark wrote and performed a lot of music that has nothing to do with Devo including -
music Mark made in Akron with his bands Sat. Sun. Mat., Jackrabbit, Flossy Bobbit, the Mothersbaugh Band, music for a play
Different people at Mutato Muzika, Mark's music production company, did TV commercials, shows, and movies
That includes children's TV shows and children's movies, like Rugrats
Mark collaborated on one-off tracks like Rhythmic Itch, with Hugh Cornwell, Robert Williams and Bob 1, for the Hugh Cornwell and Robert Williams album Nosferatu
Mark helped with side projects like his girlfriend Nancye Ferguson's band Visiting Kids
Bob 1 played guitar for Visiting Kids and for his bands The Jitters and The Bob I Band, and scored music for Mutato Muzika corporate clients
everyone else in devo has done collaborations,